diş hekimi antalya

You need to take good care for your teeth to smile confidently and readily chew any food. If you use maximum care for your implants, you may heave a healthy and shiny smile for a life time. The concept of hygiene does not only protects your implants, but also helps to protect the gums and natural bone structure. First, you need to inspect that your denture has stable and firm structure, then you may eat anything you want to. You should avoid causing damage to your denture in any case. Do not insert any metallic objects in the mouth to protect existing abutments.

Periodic dental and oral controls is very important to have healthy teeth and mouth. You need to visit your dental professional twice a year to have your abutment cleaned. Your dentist will also ensure that your denture is stable. To have healthy teeth, dental structure and oral structure, routine dental check-ups would be appropriate. If you attend your periodic controls, you will always have positive results. There is false belief for dental care in the society that hard toothbrush cleans the teeth better. This is wrong. What’s more important for cleaning teeth is the technique you manipulate the toothbrush. A medium-hard toothbrush and proper brushing techniques are the healthiest methods. You should avoid using tooth-whitening toothpastes. The tooth-whitening toothpastes cause teeth to become abrades due to anti-tartar contained in such toothpaste. In order to avoid such problems, you should use a toothpaste that is made of natural materials.

You need to be careful with granules contained in the toothpaste you intend to use. The granules contained in the toothpastes cause harm to dental pigments. The size of a hazelnut is the size of the toothpaste you should put on your toothbrush. Do not put your toothbrush under running water before you start brushing your teeth. If you wet your toothbrush, it will lose hardness over time, resulting in adversely affected tooth brushing. If you use an implant, which is defined as artificial root tooth, you may have control over systemic diseases in a very short time. These steps that you need to follow periodically will support you to have a healthy tooth structure in a short period of time. The cause of foul breath is the sinusitis, upper respiratory tract infection, and diseases of digestive system (or gastrointestinal tract). A mouthwash that you should use to eliminate foul breath would temporarily treat such problems.


The CEREC system is used to systemize porcelain restorations, in other words, porcelain, laminate and crown, using a computer program. In cases where the CEREC system will be used, it is not necessary to take a dental impression of the site to be restored. The CEREC system uses a computer probe to take photographs of the site and places the blog used on the computer and allows to prepare illustrative. The indicated restoration is polished in the laboratory, then the patient’s mouth is prepared for the adaptation of restoration. The CEREC system allows to have a solution to the problem as low as 2-3 hours. The use of CEREC system is also very easy and simple.


The CEREC system has emerged with the advanced technology, is used to design the teeth on the computer (digital environment) and utilizes CNC. The CEREC system is considered to take digital dental impression and uses porcelain blocks through CAD method. The CEREC system allows to prepare full-ceramic crowns, laminates and inlays at once. The CEREC system is also used for preparing porcelain crowns. The CEREC system is also used for filling, laminates and bridges and has more than one advantage. The services can be provided only in one appointment with the CEREC system. The CEREC system has also control over the treatment process and supports to have a quick solution for any of your problems.



The conventional porcelain restorations would be prepared over a metallic base in order to enhance the robustness and durability. Based on the relevant studies performed, the porcelain used in the dentistry has been improved to make them usable without the need for a metallic abutment. The results that are very similar to appearance of natural teeth can be obtained in restorations performed by using the porcelain without the need for a metallic abutment. As a result, we can achieve almost perfect aesthetic results and patient satisfaction that is in direct proportion to the aesthetic results. The method is used for crowns (crown over one tooth) and filling.



The sleep apnea occurs when a patient stops breathing and starts breathing again when they sleep. Meanwhile, the oxygen concentration is reduced in the patient blood and the body wakes itself up to breathe. The patient wakes from sleep tired and sleepless in the morning due to frequent night wakeups.


The term orthopedia comes from “ortho” which means correction and “pedia” which means “child”. It was defined by Nicolas Andry in 1658 as the way of “preventing and correcting physical deformities in childhood”.

Çene Ortopedisi


The basic functions that shape the maxillofacial region are breathing, chewing and swallowing. These functions need to be correct and adequate for a healthy development and growth of a child.


İmplant Çeşitleri

The type of implants is determined based on the number of missing natural teeth. The implants may be divided into three categories: implants used after tooth removal, implants used for healing of soft tissue, and delayed implants. There are certain functions for the type of these implants.



This procedure is called immediate implant placement and performed after tooth removal under appropriate conditions; i.e., the implant is placed immediately after tooth removal. If the implant is placed immediately after tooth removal, it is necessary to take a panoramic radiography. It is very important to achieve an appropriate angle for placement of an implant for the next steps to follow. The dentists, who are prepared for an intervention immediately after a problem occurs, consider any measures to take. The cold compress should be applied on the operative site for 10 minutes.


İmplat diş tedavisi

The immediate implant placement is used for avulsions associated with trauma and described as a custom-made method to obtain favorable results. The immediate implant placement uses more than one method with avulsion (a tooth is pulled off) is also used for horizontal or vertical fractures. The immediate implant placement gives priority to patient satisfaction in order to obtain positive data. The immediate implant placement can also be used for persistent milk teeth.


zirkonyum kaplama

The zirconia crowns are known for their strength and resistance. The zirconia implant is used for the post materials and orthodontic brackets. The zirconium is also used for composite materials and as a corona material.


diş kuron ve köprü tedavisiThe concept of crown and bridge is resulted from fixed dentures. You first need to clean the crowns and bridges for use and can take out and wear as with the dentures. Your dentist will explain the steps of using a crown or bridge. The crown or a bridge covers a damaged tooth in a short period of time. The crown or bridge is bonded onto the implants and plays an important role in shapes and design. The crowns fall into two groups: porcelain crowns and ceramic crowns. The crown has the color of a natural tooth and is made out of gold, acrylic and metal alloys. If the patients do not have adequate volume of teeth and want to have a filling, then they should prefer the crown therapy instead of having a filling.


Laminate vaneer kullanımı

The use of laminate veneers requires abrading process to allow porcelain structure to come into prominence. The laminate veneers comply with the patient’s desire and requests and are cemented using bonding resin method. A porcelain veneer has a thin structure and the treatment process starts by cutting. The aesthetical appearance is achieved by preparations and the laminate veneer is translucent.


laminant vane avantajları

A laminate veneer is also defined as a porcelain shell. The laminate veneer therapy rises the concept of aesthetics to the highest level. The laminate veneers have the leading position among the methods that are commonly used in recent years. For the porcelain crown to attach, the tooth is reduced in size and the enamel tissue is removed. The laminate veneer maintains its leading position among the conservative methods as well as is the leading approach among the most conservative methods.



The laminate veneer has the leading position among precise techniques and requiresfirst-class quality laboratory studies and perfect preparation phases. The cost for laminate veneer therapy is relatively high and the laminate veneer is also known as the porcelain shell. Any problems that affect adversely your natural appearance are eliminated with laminate veneers in very short period of time, however the laminate veneers have a number of disadvantages. The laminate veneers are just appropriate for the patients that have aesthetical concerns and have a thin and semi-translucent layer. The laminate veneers are precise solution for discoloration and fixing deformities.


laminat veneer kimlere uygulanabilir

The laminate veneers allow to eliminate discoloration in a very short period of time as well as enable to fix any deformities. The laminate veneer is among the methods that are most commonly used in recent years and also utilizes the whitening and coloration methods. The patient satisfaction comes first for the laminate veneers which allow to have desired color and form and are used to remove severe antibiotic spots and fluoride spots. The laminate veneers are just appropriate for discoloration and also used for restoration of broken and worn teeth.


Use of CAD/CAM system for dental treatment

The CAD/CAM system used falls into two different groups: laboratory group and clinical group. The patient satisfaction comes first for the CAD/CAM system and mainly includes DCS Precident, Lava and CEREC inlab. The CAD/CAM system matches with the zirconia ceramics and visualizes the prepared teeth in order to have a three-dimensional model. After making restoration design, this method visualizes the images of teeth though CEREC 3D and requires completion of the base to check with the mock-up.


zirkonyum diş

The zirconia materials for CAD/CAM include metal oxide which is commonly used for ceramics. This concept is called ceramic veneer which is obtained when more than one metal oxide is joined through other elements and hardened. The zirconia materials are a type of inorganic compounds and obtained through aluminate, metal oxide and alkali compounds. There are a total of three ceramics used for the field of dentistry. It is composed of glass fibers, polycrystalline and glass ceramics. The zirconia and the aluminate have the leading position among the polycrystalline ceramics. The oxide promotes generation of new composites and is used for standard works.


CAD-CAM Porselen Sistemleri

The porcelain systems that match with the CAD/CAM technology are known for their perfect feeling of depth that they have. A natural tooth is approximately 5 mm. The porcelain tooth systems used may be in 1-2 mm thick.

The porcelain systems primarily focus on the patient comfort and offer solutions for the conditions in which tooth cutting is inadequate.


porselen kaplama

The CAD/CAM technology is used by collecting data through a computer. The CAD/CAM technology is used to make various products and has been utilized in the dentistry since early 1980s. In 1970s, the CAD/CAM technology was mainly used by Bruce Altschuler, Bruce Altschuler and Francois Duret. They performed studies on the intraoral optic grid surface scanning and developed the CAD/CAM technology to produce single-tooth restoration in the following years.


3D görüntü

D dental tomography allows to use X rays for obtaining the sectional image of the target site and for radiologic diagnosis. The 3D imaging details the tissues that cannot be visualized by standard X-ray and operates on the conic light principle. The 3D imaging allows to have sections from sagittal, coronal and axial planes and supports measurement accuracy. The 3D imaging measures all the details to allow having positive results and also enables to examine the bony structure using the most accurate techniques.

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