The laminate veneers do eliminate the need for preparation and take a very short time. You may have your laminate veneers in two or three visits to your dentist and have favorable and positive results. The laminate veneers are translucent. This treatment method is known for having natural appearance and the tooth is cemented using bonding resin. Your new laminate veneers will allow you to have teeth in the desired color, size and shape. For laminate veneers, a custom-made mock-up is prepared for you. The laminate veneer is made out of robust materials and very resistant to abrasion and fracturing factors. The laminate veneer is bonded onto the tooth in a very short period of time and removed by diamond milling cutter.

The laminate veneers can be used to eliminate discoloration, join the discrete teeth, restore the abraded teeth, or treat the deformed filling. The laminate veneers allows you to have positive and favorable results in a short period of time as well as allows to straighten the crooked teeth and uneven teeth. It is considered as a cosmetic alternative and can be used for long years. The laminate veneer has superior properties than adhesive systems and is also very resistant to abrasion and discoloration problems. If you want to extend the life of your laminate veneers, you must take good care for your laminate veneers. After having your laminate veneers cemented, you should avoid biting nails and eating hard food. The laminate veneers allow to achieve a natural appearance through minor interventions and are made out of durable and robust materials. Your laminate veneers allow you to have an aesthetical appearance as soon as possible.

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