The CAD/CAM technology has many details and was developed by Mormann and Brandestini. The CAD/CAM technology operates based on the precise data collection system and is prepared for the camera, laser scanning and digitalization of the natural teeth. The convectional milling using milling technology was then replaced by diamond milling cutter in order to enhance physical resistance and improve milling. With integration of CAD/CAM technology, the brands Procera, Cercon Zirconia, Zenotec and Everest have been emerged. The CAD/Cam technology allows to resolve standard dental problems as soon as possible and enables to have a design via computer-assisted programs. The CAD/CAM technology maintains the leading position among the concepts used for the production and design generation and is used for porcelain restorations. The CAD/CAM technology is widely used for laminate veneers and porcelain structures and very important to achieve an aesthetical appearance.

The CAD/CAM technology is more beneficial than other techniques and allows the high-level aesthetical concept to be at the highest level, aiming at a very short period of time. The CAD/CAM technology is one the reliable methods and uses a camera that is connected to the computer. This method uses photographing technique and visual restoration. Through turning devices contained in the system, the restoration is made ready for the cementation through a computer. The CAD/CAM technology only takes 1-2 hours and yields favorable and positive results and is very successful at resolving problems with residual food left between the teeth. The CAD/CAM technology is very appropriate for those who do not want to lose time and allows to have the desired results in a very short period of time. You will have a healthy and aesthetic smile through the CAD/CAM technology…

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