The systems saves time and eliminates the need for repeated visits or appointments. The biocompatibility of zirconium material used in the CEREC system is very high. The CEREC system is resistant to breakage and has been used to treat more than 8 million of patients from 1985 to present time. The dentists that use the CEREC system for their clinical studies mostly utilize conventional dental impression. The CEREC system scans the inside of the mouth through an intraoral 3D camera and eliminates the need for taking conventional silicon dental impression. The CEREC system allows milling with hard porcelain in seconds and helps elimination of the need for teeth and filling. The CEREC system does not require long waiting periods and enables to have positive results only in one appointment. We recommend you to review the advantages that CEREC system has before you plan your treatment. After removal of the decayed structures from the teeth, you should use the camera of the CEREC system allows to obtain three-dimensional images in a very short period of time. The CEREC unit used allows you to design the unit. The CEREC milling process is produced by a porcelain block. The restoration that is prepared in a short time is cemented onto the teeth so that the process ends as soon as possible. You can have positive results only in one appointment with the CEREC system and the CEREC system uses an optical measurement camera to support obtaining high-quality images. Aiming at a short period of time to resolve the problems, the CEREC system visualizes the desired restoration through three-dimensional imaging, which is one of the beneficial functions of CEREC system. You may request your dental professional to use CEREC system in order to find a solution to your dental problems as soon as possible and have a healthy and bright smile.

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