The dentists who try to avoid cold burning apply cold compress by using paper towel. The dry cold compress would be the most appropriate method to avoid bleeding and swelling problems. To reinforce the cold compress after the operation performed, you may also use frozen food. You should exercise maximum care not to cause damage to the tissues when you feel numb on the operative site. You also need to be careful with the treatment of intraoral wounds. The implantation therapy differentiates day by day with the advanced technology. If the implant is used due to complete missing teeth, it may be performed only in one appointment. But, it is necessary to have an adequate width and space depending on the number of implants the dentist will use. Your dentist will ensure that your jaws have adequate and correct pressure. This process is called immediate and has a very specific boundaries. If the implant therapy is an immediate implant placement, the implant is integrated with the bone so as to allow placement of denture. If infections are observed in implant placement included in the most commonly used methods, this infection may be caused by tooth loss, impact, trauma, and accidents.

Your dentist will clean the infected site in short period of time and insert the implant after cleaning process. Your dentist will support implant surrounding by using bone meal and make the temporary denture thereafter. Upon tooth extraction, the patient that waits for a long time can now undergo implant placement to obtain painless and ache-free results. You may find a solution to your problems with implant placement that is performed after tooth extraction. You deserve a healthy and beautiful smile…

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