Your dentist will produce systems that fit the natural characteristics of tooth through effects and color as well as promote the concept of aesthetics to be at the highest level.

These systems allow to have occlusal dentins, colored dentins, and colored transparent dentins to obtain perfect porcelain and mimic the vital teeth in order to capture any physical properties. The porcelain systems are known for natural appearance and used based on the flexibility rate of 126 mpa that teeth have. The porcelain system has a hardness that equals to hardness of a natural teeth and is very difficult to break, putting back the wear platform. The porcelain system has a gradual manufacturing process to have positive results at all times and is produced based on the bonding feature. The porcelain system maintains its physical and chemical properties to promote proceeding with procedures, and is used for complete denture, inlays, crowns and bridges. The used dental porcelain system is often referred to as feldspathic. This system contains a large amount of feldspar and is enriched by leucite to achieve hardness.

The dental porcelain systems included in the group of silicate ceramics are differentiated from other porcelains in the short period of time due to optic properties it has. The zirconia, alumina and metal ceramic are used to make low-heat porcelains. To make complete denture used for prefabricated teeth, the high heat is utilized. The porcelain system supports the different carrier systems and is coated through silicate ceramic. The structures used for the sub-steps of porcelain systems include glass ceramic, infiltrated glass ceramic, and mica. The mica structure included in the porcelain systems is not a commonly used material. You may also have a healthy and bright smile using porcelain systems...

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