There are a total of 2 treatment methods for type of implants used for one missing tooth. The gap that can be covered through conventional bridgework method can also be adjusted. The implant therapy based on the patient satisfaction is used to achieve aesthetic functions.

The appearance of an implant used for one missing tooth matches with the appearance of natural teeth. The currently used implants have an aesthetic structure and are not at risk for tooth decay. The implants are more hygienic that the bridges. If an implant is used for more than one missing tooth, there are three treatment processes for the patients. The type of implants falls into three groups: Removable partial denture, tooth-supported bridges, and implant-supported bridges. The function of implant-supported dentures is more obvious. This type of implant is highly natural because it has a natural look and gives you a natural feeling and also maintains the integrity of facial structures. There are some disadvantages of implants used for complete missing teeth in some cases. This type of implant is difficult to use and the denture may become loose and fall off the mouth if the bone is resorbed.

You may have difficulty in eating hard food such as apples and beefsteaks when using an implant used for complete missing teeth. The patients using implants have more stability and comfort than the patients who use conventional dentures. The type of implants that prevents bone resorption also maintains the facial contours. The implants have a very good construction in terms of appearance, and it is not necessary to cover the palate when using implants. The patients will be able to better taste if the palate is not covered. The dental implants need not to be replaced frequently and allow for natural biting and chewing. You may also try to use implants to find a solution to your problems in short period of time. You may have a healthy and shiny smile…

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