The laminate veneer is known for natural appearance and produced from porcelain using advanced and high technology. The laminate veneer will not change color or discolored and supports yielding natural effects in the standard camera flash. This treatment method allows to prevent feeling of a foreign object in the mouth and also has studies to create the composite mock-up.

The composite mock-up will allow you to see the completed form of teeth in the mouth. The laminate veneer is applied through short and simple methods and requires to take a dental impression of the patient. After this step, the mock-up is prepared in the laboratory. Prior to cutting process, you may test the finishing phase with this mock-up. After taking a dental impression of the patient, the temporary veneers are bonded onto the teeth. Based on the final mock-up, your dental professional will prepare the laminate veneers and use bonding resin material.

The laminate veneer has the leading position among precise techniques and requires to have a first-class quality laboratory process. The laminate veneers support that aesthetic concept has a maximum value and require removal of enamel tissue in order to have a conservative treatment. This method requires removal of minimal tissue and does not prepare the teeth. The treatment does not take long time and teeth will achieve stable dental platform that will not undergo discoloration after using laminate veneers. The laminate veneers are just appropriate for fixing the form of teeth and allows to eliminate severe antibiotic spots. This method is also used for restoration of broken teeth and fixing the fillings, and requires experienced and trained dental professional with specific knowledge to attach the laminate veneers. You may find a solution to your dental problems in a very short period of time using laminate veneers. Have a healthy and shiny smile…

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