You may also use crowns to prevent the weakened teeth from having cracks and to repair broken teeth in order to obtain positive and favorable results. The bridge therapy is used for one missing tooth or several missing teeth. A missing tooth results in periodontal diseases and shifting of teeth to the gaps (spaces). If you do not want to have such problems, you may select to use crown therapy. The crown therapy responses to the aesthetic expectations and allows to have positive results as soon as possible. For the crown therapy, the supporting tooth is reduced in size for the crown to fit. Your dentist will take your dental impression to prepare a mock-up for your teeth. If your dentist uses porcelain, he/she should be careful with the selection of the right color. The crown or the bridge is prepared with the materials selected by your dentist. The temporary crown is used until permanent crown is made, and thereafter the temporary crown is removed. The procedure is ended by bonding the crown or bridge onto the tooth.

The crown or bridge can be used for a life time. However, in some cases the crown or bridge may become loose. If you want your crown or bridge to be permanent, you need to care for your oral hygiene. You should brush your teeth with a toothpaste containing fluoride twice a day and start using a dental floss. You may find a solution to your problems in a very short period of time using crowns or bridges.

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