The CEREC system almost eliminates the use of a tray and enables to obtain high-quality digital images. The CEREC system is recognized by guaranteed sterilization safety and also has a wide range of materials for you to select. The initial phase that CEREC restoration has utilizes a CEREC-specific powder so that the system is ready for taking dental impression. The CEREC system enables to take three-dimensional dental impression through a digital camera and is prepared with respect to anatomic structure that the mouth has. After this process is completed, a number of aesthetic modifications may be made depending on the order of the dentist. The teeth transferred to the scraping unit is cut and fixation process is performed by means of a device used to identify the color of teeth. At the final phase, the processed teeth are polished. This process takes approximately 10 minutes, and thereafter the CEREC system is terminated. The CEREC system eliminates the need for having temporary denture and allows you to save significant time. The initial phase of treatment steps involves taking digital dental impression and selecting a block according to the identified color. After selecting a block that matches with the color, the block is introduced in the device and units are prepared to cut the designed teeth. The teeth delivered by the milling unit is polished to end all the steps. The CEREC system is highly resistant to breakage. The CEREC system uses a computer probe to take a photograph of the teeth, saves you time, and allows to complete all the procedures only in one appointment.

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