The immediate implant placement maintains its leading position among most commonly used methods and is used where endodontic treatment fails, and for resolution of Periodontal diseases. The immediate implant therapy is also used to heal decays that cannot be restored and usually utilized to solve problems due to missing teeth. In case of complete missing teeth, the immediate implant placement is the leading approach among the most commonly used methods. The immediate implant placement supports to achieve an aesthetic and stable appearance. If there are no teeth in the upper jaw and immediate implant placement is used for the lower jaw, it prevents reduction of volume and bone loss due to trauma after some teeth are lost. Immediate implant placement is intended to achieve a stable and aesthetic appearance and a perfect smile in very short period of time. This method is also used for loss of molars. If you use an implant instead of a denture attached onto the back teeth, you may obtain a fixed bridge. Immediate implant placement may also be used for between long spaces without teeth, in this case the implant is inserted in the section without teeth to help increase the strength. If all of the teeth in the lower jaw are lost, the immediate implant placement is used to improve the quality of life of patient and to have successful solutions.

The complete denture, which is considered as a conventional method, also causes to have multiple problems. In order to avoid such problems, the immediate implant placement should be used instead of impractical dentures in order to obtain aesthetic results. The immediate implant placement allows to have a natural look and obtain first quality results through perfect functions. If you have a cardiac disease, you need to consult your doctor prior to immediate implant placement. The immediate implant placement is intended to have first quality results in a very short period of time, and you may also have positive data with immediate implant placement.

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