The laminate veneer is contraindicated for patients that have deformed jaws, and habits such as biting pencil or nails. The laminate veneer is indicated for those who have teeth at different levels and also leads to eliminate crowded / uneven teeth. The laminate veneers are just appropriate for those patients who want orthodontic treatment and are also used for the patients who have broken teeth or filling. This treatment method is very suitable for diastema and cares for the color platform. The laminate veneers allow to have healthy and bright teeth through tooth-whitening process and involve treatment of mouths with smile line running downward. Following a gingivoplasty, this treatment method allows to increase the length of teeth and promotes to achieve an aesthetical smile in a very short period of time.

The laminate veneers can be used for worn teeth, excessively visible gums, abraded teeth, crowded and uneven teeth, and gap-toothed persons, and allow to achieve a healthy appearance through minor interventions. Your dentist will make a slot of nail size to place the laminate veneer. The laminate veneers enable you to have an aesthetic appearance without disrupting natural structure of teeth. The laminate veneer is made out of durable and robust materials and requires no cutting of teeth. If you are one of those who have a perfect and healthy smile as soon as possible, then laminate veneers are just for you. You will have a smile with perfect aesthetics in a short period of time…

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