It can be successfully used for the long-short bridges depending on the type of “porcelain without metallic abutment” and the “veneers” prepared for the front face of the front teeth. The advantages: 1. Perfect aesthetic, 2. Perfect edge match, 3. Durability, 4. Biocompatibility.

Laminate Veneer: One of the aesthetic dentistry methods and involves bonding of a porcelain laminate onto the front side of the tooth. The laminate has a thickness of nail is prepared in the desired color, size and form. In this method, the whole tooth is not cut and reduced, which is different from porcelain crowns. Instead, a very thin layer of tooth is removed from the front side and the laminate of suitable color and form is bonded onto the front surface of the tooth. It is a perfect cosmetic solution to many dental disorders that adversely affect your appearance. The laminate veneer is a treatment method that is basically intended to eliminate problems by bonding a porcelain laminate onto the front side of the front teeth that may have aesthetic problems. In most cases, it is effective and adequate to give teeth a natural beauty and natural function through its robust structure and color that will not undergo discoloration.

When is it used?

1. To cove the gaps between the teeth if there is a gap between them.

2. To fix fracture of tooth edge that are caused by impact.

3. For teeth that have a very dark color where tooth-whitening methods do not work.

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