Is there a risk for a patient?

Is there a risk for a patient to be anesthetized and not to come out of anesthesia?

Any drugs administered to the body have side effects and risk of various grades. But, general anesthesia and especially unconscious sedation are safely administered by an anesthesiologist and reanimation specialist in a fully equipped operating room only after detailed evaluation of general condition and medical history of the patient. It is also very important for a patient to follow recommendations before and after the operation. Initially, the increased number of patients died due to general anesthesia is associated with administration of anesthesia by a general anesthesia technician not by a specialist. In addition, the advances in drugs and devices have now significantly reduced the risks.

The prerequisite is to carefully evaluate individual characteristics of a patient and choose the appropriate method for performing quality treatments safely. Different grades of sedation may be a solution in cases with no complicated need for treatment but only requiring few instruments and short time such as tooth removal and in children > 5 years and individuals who have difficulty in complying with the treatment due to fear, anxiety or gag reflex. Since reaction of small children to drugs and their vital signs may vary quickly, the general anesthesia where all the functions are controlled and the patient is held compatible with emergency intervention is a safer solution than sedation. Important benefits are to complete any procedures at once and secure the trachea particularly in children who require multiple treatments and in patients who have special physical and mental condition.

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