What is apical resection?


If the size of an abscess or cystic lesion in the dental root is too large to be treated with root canal therapy, the gum is incised for resection of the infected root site. This procedure is called apical resection.

Would it still be necessary to remove my tooth after apical resection?

The apical resection is a choice of treatment that must be evaluated before tooth extraction. However, infection may recur after apical resection.

What to do after apical resection ?

apikal rezeksiyon aşamaları.jpg

You should avoid spitting, brushing teeth, rinsing your mouth strongly, using straws, or gargling on the first day of surgery. Avoid taking a hot shower. Application of ice cubes will reduce the swelling and bruise within the first twenty-four hours. Do not attempt to lift up the lips and see the wound site and do not apply pressure. You should eat warm, non-granular and soft food for the first two days. Use antiseptic mouthwash recommended by your dentist every time you eat something and brush your teeth. The analgesics, and antibiotics -if prescribed- must be taken regularly on time. Do not smoke within the first 48 hours because it will impair the healing process. You may experience dysesthesia on the operated site that may persist for days or weeks. Visit your dentist to remove the sutures in one week. Visit your dentist for controls in six months.

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