What is dermal filling?

It is a very effective method for recovering the volume and youthful appearance lost on the face by smoothing the mild-to-moderate anatomic wrinkles and deepened normal anatomic lines on the face (for example, naso-labial fold extending from the nasal edge to the corners of the mouth).

The filling material containing hyaluronic acid is the commonly used filling among other filling materials with different contents. The human body has normally have plenty of hyaluronic acid, therefore it can be safely used. It is effective for 6-12 months after application depending on the metabolism system of the body.


When is it applied?

• Lip thickening
• Elimination of deep lines around the mouth
• Smoothing deep lines and wrinkles on the face
• Filling of under-eye pitted areas and pitted areas on the chicks.
• Eyebrow lifting with filling
• Pitted scars
• Elimination of wrinkles on the dorsum (back) of the hand.

How is it applied?

The pharmacological agents such as hyaluronic acid, microspheres of calcium hydroxyapatite or poly-L lactic acid, or the lipid collected from the person are subcutaneously injected into the site with deep lines and wrinkles, and lips or dorsum of the hand.

When is the effect seen and how long does it last?

It is effective as soon as it is applied. It usually lasts for 6-18 months depending on the material delivered, the site of application, and personal factors. There are also permanent filling materials. It may be more appropriate to start the treatment with other applications for predicting the outcome because it will not be recoverable of application of dermal filling.

Process after Application

The site of application may have mild swelling and bruising within the first three days, particularly more apparent on the lips. Application of cold compress with ice cubes will be useful to have a quicker recovery. The swelling may be prolonged up to 2 weeks in case of injection of lipid.


Expected Results

The facial lines are significantly improved with partially or fully smoothing of deep lines and wrinkles. The injection of filling material plays an important role in non-operative procedures for facial rejuvenation. To achieve a desirable outcome for the whole face, the facial rejuvenation with filling material is a reliable method that can be applied quickly and give natural results. Especially, dermal filling in dentistry should be considered as part of design of smile on the patients. It enhances the volume of lips that have lost their volume (shaping the lips as desired by the patient) to achieve smile aesthetic.

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