empress crown

An Empress (full porcelain) crown is completely ceramic, and has enhanced hardness without using a metal or zirconium base. This is achieved by firing glass ceramicover a crystalline core and compressed under pressure.

What are the suitable teeth for an empress crown?

The empress crown can be used for incisor and premolar teeth, and for a missing front tooth for aesthetic purposes.

The empress crown is not recommended for molar teeth, i.e., the back teeth where chewing forces and lateral forces increase, and front and back restorations where several neighbouring teeth are missing.In these cases, a zirconium crown, or an E-MAX crown reinforced by zirconium,offers a more aesthetical feel and has higher resistance to force.

When is empress crown used?

  • For a root canal treated tooth or teeth which are not responsive to whitening,

  • Teeth with position disorder,

  • Discoloration related to age, or the use of antibiotics and fluorine,

  • Teeth with congenital deformity and/ or lesions,

  • Irregular array of teeth,

  • Teeth that undergone chemical or physical abrasion over time,

  • Teeth requiring multiple restorations, and smile design

Why and how does the empress crown look more natural?

Without a metallic base, the full-ceramic content of the crown mimics the transparency, reflection and transmission of light typical of natural teeth. Any characteristics of your own natural teeth can be achieved with the empress crown, allowing the crown to blend nicely with the teeth around it.

What are the steps for applying an empress crown?

Facial and intraoral photographs of the patient are taken. A positive reproduction (or cast) is formed using a dental impression to obtain a smile design that suits the patient. A “Mock up” is then used to demonstrate the appearance after treatment

Will I have no teeth during preparation of an empress crown?

A temporary denture will be created by your dentist, and can be used while the crown is being prepared.

How long does the treatment take?

The procedure requires no more than 45-minutes.

Can I start eating and drinking as soon as the empress crown has been fitted?

There is no problem eating once empress crown has been cemented into position.

How do I take care of my empress crown?

Your empress crown will last as long as your natural teeth,and with proper care, can be extended by brushing teeth, using dental floss, and a selection of dental cleaning materials for a bridge if you have one.

Is my empress crown sensitive to hot or cold?

Providing that the empress crown has been fitted well using non-soluble cement, and that no dental tissue has been exposed, the crown performs in a similar way as natural teeth, and therefore shouldn’t show any sensitivity to hot or cold.

Can my empress crown become detached or break?

It is not possible for a permanently cemented empress crown to detach itself, and due the strength of the material, will not fracture under normal conditions. However, any impact that poses a risk to natural teeth will have the same effect on an empress crown.

Will my empress crown change colour or shape over time?

No, The color and shape are fully maintained.

Will my empress crownadapt to intraoral tissues?

It is completely compatible with any soft and hard tissue.

Will my empress crown cause any allergic reaction?

While non-precious metal alloys cause allergic reactions in individuals, the full-porcelainempress crowndoes not cause any allergic reactions. Old crowns and bridges with a metallic base will generate a black shadow abovethe gums, but the advantage of a full-porcelain is that it is the same colour as natural teeth, and so behaves in the same way.

I have one deformed and displaced tooth, could it be noticed if I have empress crow?

When fitted, an exact colour match can be achieved on the new ‘empress crown’, even to the extent that we can introduce cracks and white spots that might appear on your own natural teeth, so that it is in perfect harmony to your existing natural teeth.

Empress, Zirconium or E-Max?

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These are all aesthetically and biologically adaptive because none of them contain a metallic base, and are made from strengthened specific ceramic. The empress crown is used for front teeth because of the outstanding translucency and natural appearance, and zirconium or E-Max is chosen where an aesthetic result and high resistance are required.

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