Will my empress crown change colour or shape over time?

No, The color and shape are fully maintained.

Will my empress crownadapt to intraoral tissues?

It is completely compatible with any soft and hard tissue.

Will my empress crown cause any allergic reaction?

While non-precious metal alloys cause allergic reactions in individuals, the full-porcelainempress crowndoes not cause any allergic reactions. Old crowns and bridges with a metallic base will generate a black shadow abovethe gums, but the advantage of a full-porcelain is that it is the same colour as natural teeth, and so behaves in the same way.

I have one deformed and displaced tooth, could it be noticed if I have empress crow?

When fitted, an exact colour match can be achieved on the new ‘empress crown’, even to the extent that we can introduce cracks and white spots that might appear on your own natural teeth, so that it is in perfect harmony to your existing natural teeth.

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