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Another factor damaging the pulp is a tooth suffering from trauma. A severe impact on the tooth may stop the blood circulation and the pulp tissue losses vitality in time as a result. Again, the chronic trauma suffered by tooth (high restoration, trauma associated with grinding and clenching of teeth) may cause inflammation of pulp or loss of vitality.

Another factor threatening the pulp is presence of periodontal (gum and its surrounding) diseases around the tooth that have not been treated for a long time. The bacteria may cause damage to the dental pulp through tiny side canals to the root surface via gingival pocket.

Bacteria are the major factor for development of diseases of pulp. Every one of se has bacteria in our mouths and they don’t cause harm in normal conditions. However, the acid generated by bacteria colonized on the tooth surface that cannot be cleaned damages the enamel and dentine, resulting in decayed tooth. If such decayed tooth is untreated, bacteria move to the pulp tissue underneath the dentin and cause inflammation of pulp.

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