Dental braces (orthodontic therapy) are used to treat anomalies of the face and jaw, dental overcrowding, and correct misaligned teeth to give the patient a pleasing smile. In later years this painless therapy has become very popular.

In a process that lasts approximately 30 minutes thesurface of the teeth areabraded,and anadhesive is then applied. Surplus bonding adhesive is removed, and the adhesive is hardenedusing a light source. An adhesive is then applied to the inner surface of the braces, and finally the dentist marries the braces to the teeth.

After having braces fitted the patient should avoid using excessive force when eating, and keep to soft and easily masticated foods for one week.When fitting braces our dentists take every step to allow chewing surfaces to be functional when coming into contact with food.

When there is a poor relation between the upper and lower jaws, orthodontic therapy should be recommended. This treatment improves deformities and ensures first quality results when used for fixing the crooked teeth, gaps between the teeth and dental disorders such as teeth erupting outside the palate. Orthodontic therapy is suitable for patients of 12 years of age and older, and the duration of treatment can take anything between 6 months and 3 years.The procedure promotes a healthy and shiny smile for a lifetime.

The use of a dental brace is quite safe, willnot cause your teeth to decay and will not cause allergic reactions. However, the patient needs to be careful with oral hygiene once braces have been fitted, and they should avoid having food such as chewing gum, chocolates and acidic drinks.

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