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Dental braces are one of the leading practices of dentistry and area of expertise and involve treatment of anomalies related to facial complex and jaw. This practice is defined as orthodontic therapy that supports expansion of boundaries through aesthetical judgement. First the surface of teeth is roughened for patients who want to wear dental braces. After the tooth surface is roughened, a material called bonding is applied on the teeth. The bonding allows holding the filling in a very short time and has a leading position in the materials of dentistry.

After bonding is applied, an adhesive material is applied on the inner side of braces. The surplus bonding material is removed, the hardening process is achieved by light, and finally the dentist installs the braces in place.

This process lasts approximately in 30 minutes. The patient will not feel pain or ache during installing the braces. You should avoid use excessive force for one week during when you get used to your new braces. The orthodontic therapy allows for treatment to be completed in a short term. Our dentists consider your wishes and requests in order to enhance level of satisfaction, and use maximum effort for chewing surfaces to be functional and to come into contact with food. The braces are one of the leading therapies where aesthetics are more important. The orthodontic therapy fixes the crooked teeth and ensures that crowding is at the background. And the society is now more conscious with orthodontics that become more popular.

The dentists prescribe orthodontic therapy using appropriate steps for the patient and put the bridge or filling procedure back in order to proceed with the treatment in an orderly manner. When there is a poor relation between the upper and lower jaws, orthodontic therapy should be recommended. This treatment method allows improvement of deformities and ensures to have first quality results, and is used for fixing the crooked teeth, gaps between the teeth and dental disorders such as teeth erupting outside the palate. The orthodontic therapy is suitable for any age groups and allows to have a healthy and shiny smile for a lifetime. This therapy can be used starting from 12 years of age and crates sympathy towards braces. The orthodontic therapy can be defined as a kind of future investment and you can solve your dental problems in a short period of time. You will have a healthy and bright smile with orthodontic therapy…

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