Orthopedia-preventing and correcting physical deformities in childhood.

çene ortopedisi2

çene ortopedisi3The basic functions that shape the maxillofacial region are breathing, chewing and swallowing. These functions need to be correct and adequate for a child to grow and develop healthily.The shift of teeth takes place in harmony with the change in other tissues.It is very useful to monitor the child by a dental professional (specialized in the development of maxillofacial region) from the age of two in order to achieve the correct function, and avoid irregular development of bone, teeth and gums.

Treatment using ‘functional jaw orthopedics’ is intended to enable the correct function of muscles and create the correct stimuli that will lead to proper development and growth of bone. This therapy creates a positional and functional change in the mouth, andthe change transmits new information to the brain, and the new response to the new condition creates new growth.

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