Non-surgical implant in Antalya

İt’s our mission to complete a thorough, well-remembered job and impression we establish. The latest technological and scientifically proved practice what we are aiming for. İn your first visit, we will take your panoramic tomography which would give us an idea about your teeth tissue, a bone structure as well as preventing the complication during the implantation. As we will be working closely around the neural system this radiological result would also show us whether you have any complication already, therefore, it is crucial to have an implant from than extremely experienced dental surgeon!Dr.Mehmet İŞLEK with 37 years of experience and over 65 certificate he would be the one you might need for. The technic he uses doesn’t bring the cutting off your gum and causing bleeding as it was in the past.Dr.İŞLEK also have a high opinion of not interfering with the salivary gland.

Following your tomoğraphy result, we will need to take a mould of your mouth with a mix of translucent acrylic baseplate which would give Dr.İŞLEK a very special angle of your mouth structure.

Your implant would be inserted into your jaw bone with the help of this transparent mould as well as a guiding-computer. By using the guiding computer we believe we do the whole process as perfect as possible, just what you deserve!

Dr.İŞLEK also very keen to preserve the Periost which is your bone membrane and will be protecting your implant as well as speeding up the healing process.

Please bare in mind implantation process can take only between 1- 5 minutes.

There will be no bleeding and no cutting. You might get local anesthesia just to give you comfortable time .

Benefits of Guided Impant: 7558

  • No cutting or stitches
    • Short time operation
    • the short time of healing, safe
    • Less pain, less discomfort
    • predictable results.

Non Surgical Guided Implant

guided implantSome of the advantages offered by the advanced technology include dental simulation software and surgical guides. The planning made on 3D images eliminates the risks and uncertainty. A surgical guide can be prepared for a very precise planning on the computer with the state-of-the-art technologic devices.

The greatest advantage provided by this system is that the planning made with three-dimensional program allows to see closure in the laboratory without the need for implementing on the patient. To fix any localization and angle errors that may occur depending on the closure, it is possible to make many new plans and see them on the model in order to give it a final shape.

The surgical guide prepared according to final planning literally allows to transfer the planning made on the 3D program to the mouth of the patient.

Steps for Surgical Guide Procedure

The first step involves taking the dental impression with upper and lower jaws closed from the patient scheduled for implant insertion.

The planning made by the dentist using three-dimensional simulation software is transferred to the gypsum mock-up through parameters provided by the simulation software, then the closing of jaws will be assessed by the dentist. The closing will be assessed again if any modifications to localization or angles are made.

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