What is an implant?


A dental implant is a titanium screw that is inserted into the jawbone in place of a lost tooth or teeth, and merges with the bony tissue to serve as a natural tooth root. The titanium is considered a tissue-friendly material by the body. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia without feeling any pain and discomfort.

An implant allows for a better speaking and chewing function than crowns and dentures, while at the same time keeps the contours of your face looking natural. This treatment can be used at any age after bone development has been completed (16-17 Years of age in girls, and 18 for boys). There is no upper age limit for adults. An implant can be utilised by anyone with good general health. The elderly tend to lose more teeth, and have some bone loss in the jaw, therefore, this age group is more likely to require implants.

Implant screws come in specific thickness and width. The quality of the bone in the jaw is important, and the jawbone must have a height and width that fit the implant on the site of insertion. Without these considerations an implant may not be successful.

A Dental Implant comes as three units:

  1. Implant: a threaded titanium implant inserted into the tooth socket

  2. Abutment: a post is attached after the healing of the site

  3. Crown: attachment of the new permanent tooth.

By using the most advance technology (Tomography 3-D CD scan), we can measure your bone to assess what is required.


able to measure your bone here at our clinic in a very precious way. In addition to hat we are using most unknown high quality A-Grade Dental Implants which come with a lifetime guarantee. plus we are using numbers of Implant Brands manufactured in Switzerland, Germany and the USA. We are offering our patienys Guided İmplants, with less surgery, less discomfort, less pain, and noswelling and stiches.

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