What is the life of an inlay or onlay?

The life of an inlay or onlay depends on the material the inlay or onlay is made, the condition of tooth treated with inlay or onlay, the chewing forces, oral hygiene of the patient, and regular visits to dentist. An inlay or onlay usually functions healthily for decades.

How is the procedure?

An inlay or onlay is prepared in the laboratory, therefore the procedure can be completed in two visits. The left of the healthy dental structure allows dentist to decide on whether it will be an inlay or onlay.

On the first visit, the decayed portion is removed and a dental impression is taken for the prepared tooth and surrounding teeth. The tooth is covered with a temporary filling material. The dental impression is forwarded to the laboratory. The temporary filling is removed on the second visit. The tooth is worn to check whether it fits in place, and transferred to the laboratory for polishing. At the same time, the tooth is cleaned. The inlay or onlay is cemented onto the tooth using a special adhesive. The closure is precisely adjusted by the dentist and the tooth is polished.

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