Laser assisted dentistry

Until recently, laser treatment was only used for soft tissue and tooth whitening procedures in dentistry. Developing technology and research into the combination of atomized water spray has created a new dental laser that operates with hydrokinetic energy, allowing our dentists toperform procedures onboth hard tissue (tooth enamel - the hardest structure in the human body), and soft tissue (the palate).

Laser therapy has been approved by the US FDA, and is now an integral part of modern dentistry. Using lasers often reduces the treatment time and allows more successful results, and is kinder for the patient (of any age), and especially for those with a fear of the dentist!

Using lasers for treatment has many advantages, especially as they are both needle-free and painless. While pain, bruising and swelling may develop after conventional surgical procedures, this is not the case when lasers are used. Treatment times are reduced, and the healing process is quick, with no swelling, bruising or pain, especially with surgery on soft tissue. Prosthetic dentistry can be performed immediately after gingival operations using laser therapy.

Dental lasers do not generate heat or mechanical vibration, which are the primary cause of pain (such as those produced by conventional instruments used to abrade teeth, or remove decayed material from the teeth). Furthermore, as there is no noise produced by the laser, the patient feels psychologically more comfortable.

Examples of laser uses in dentistry:

  • Removal of caries from teeth
  • Tooth whitening
  • Removal of bone when extracting an impacted tooth
  • Removal of root end cysts
  • Root canal treatment and sterilization
  • Treatment of gingivitis
  • Incising the gingiva to increase the length of teeth for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes
  • Cutting the tie in tongue tie and lip tie situations
  • Shattering salivary stones
  • Treatment of intraoral canker sores and ulcers
  • Dental desensitization

The black discoloration related to gingival hyperpigmentation is also successfully eliminated with the laser.

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