What is a maxillofacial denture?

  • A maxillofacial denture is used for rehabilitation of congenital or acquired deformities (e.g., caused by trauma and cancer) of maxillofacial region.
  • A facial defect describes deficiencies of face that occur on the eyes, nose, ears and cheeks, and such defects may occur alone or there may be multiple defects.

What are the initial symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorders?

  • The facial defects may result in psychological depression, loss of self-confidence, and social isolation associated with aesthetical problems and cause significant decrease in quality of life of patients.

  • The intraoral tissue losses lead to functional disorders such as swallowing, eating and speaking.

  • A multidisciplinary approach is required, which consists of the patient and family, oncologist, surgeon, radiotherapist and a specialist in maxillofacial denture, for treatment of patients with facial defect and/or defect on the jaw.

  • The treatment approach may involve both surgical and prosthetic approach for treatment of maxillofacial defects.

The prosthetic treatment has some advantages over surgical treatment such as achieving better aesthetic outcome, affordable, allowing cleaning of site surgically operated, and periodic assessment

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