Paedodontics: A specialized discipline of dentistry that deals with paediatric oral and dental health.

DİŞ ÇOCUK ATTELİAThere is a dynamic process that the 0-15 age group go through when both their teeth and body undergo certain changes. This growthand developmentis rapid, and 75% of their future physical structure is formed in this period. The milk teeth that erupt in 6 to 36 months must be healthy for a child to easily chew the foods and digest what is eaten; decayed, painful, inflamed or missing teeth may prevent a child to chew properly, or even to eat anything.

Tooth decay is considered to be an infectious disease that may be prevented.The childcan receive quality oral and dental health by the mother before birth – and, if possible, even before pregnancy.But for this to happen, the future parentsmust have the necessary education. We recommend that you bring your child to us for an initial paedodontic examination when the first milk tooth has come through. We can then inform you of the current condition of your child’s oral health, and, if necessary, plan for the future. We can guide your child towards having healthy teeth, and help to develop a normal maxillofacial structure with regular check-ups, advice and treatment, if and when required.

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