Causes of Periodontal Diseases

Smoking: Smoking is one of the factors that accelerates the progress and development of periodontal diseases.

Hormonal Changes: Women are more predisposed to gingival bleeding, dental sensitivity and gingival diseases.Especially when hormonal changes occur, such as reaching puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Periodic visits to dentist, and preventive treatment will arrest the tendency.

Malnutrition and Irregular Eating Habits: Poor diet and irregular eating habits reduce the body’s resistance to disease, this invites gingival bleeding and periodontal diseases.

Medication: Oral contraceptives, antidepressants and a number of heart drugs may adversely affect oral and dental health, increase sensitivity, and cause damage to the gums. Alert your dentist if you are taking drugs of this nature.

Stress: Stress impairs the body’s resistance to disease,and is a significant risk factor for periodontal diseases.

Teeth grinding (bruxism): The grinding and clenching of teeth cause damage to the tissues supporting teeth and accelerates tissue destruction.

Diabetes mellitus: Diabetic patients are predisposed to the development of infections such as periodontal diseases, and can accelerate the progress of existing gingival disease.

Other systemic diseases: Anything that disturbs the body’s resistance to diseasecan also affect the condition of the gums. A number of diseases, such as cardiac diseases, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, renal disease, AIDS, and tuberculosis may directly lead to gingival bleeding and periodontal diseases

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