Periodontal diseases are inflammatory conditions affecting the tissues that support gums and teeth. Periodontal diseases are responsible for 70% of tooth loss in adults. Such diseases can be successfully and easily treated when diagnosed early.

The maintenance of natural teeth, easier chewing and better digestion are the benefits of prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases.

Gingivitis is the early warning sign of periodontal disease. The gums will bleed, look red, and over time, will become worse. Although this may not cause discomfort in the early period,if not treated, the disease may progress to periodontitis, and result in irreversible damage to the alveolar bone that supports teeth and gum.

Periodontitis is a more progressed phase of periodontal disease. The alveolar bone,together with other tissues that support teeth,is damaged. A “periodontal pocket” of localized infection develops between the tooth and gum. The tooth becomes loose as the disease progresses, and even may lead to extraction.

Periodontal diseases not treated in a timely manner may lead to loss of teeth and development of several systemic diseases. Visiting your dentist regularly and removing bacterial dental plaque with daily oral care routines (brushing teeth and using dental floss) is crucial to maintaining dental health.

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