Oral hygiene , provides healthy appearance of our teeth and fresh breath.If you notice bleeding while breshing your teeth or if your gums are bleeding by itself and your breath smells bad , this is a problem indication.It is absolutely necessary to see your dentist.In order to provide and protect the oral hygiene,you need to follow a few simple and basic instructions.



Hard –bristles toothbrushes , should be avoided as hey can damage and wear away your tooth enamel and gum recession.The ideal tooth brush , should have medium soft bristles and end rounded bristles.

These reduce damage to the tooth enamel.People with receeding gums should use soft bristle toothbrushes , thus to prevent further gum recession , caused due to aggressive tooth brushing, Ultra after oral surgery for past surgical cleaning.


Independent of the make of an electric toothbrush used, best result are achieved , when every area inside the mouth are brushed in the correct way.In general electric toothbrushes are recommended to young children , people with less manual dexterity , people in hospial treatment , who get their teeth brushed by others , people with orthodontic treatment and people who prefer electric toothbrushes to manual toothbrushes.Electric toothbrushes are not more advant_ageas than manual toothbrushes.

Studies Show that both can be equally effective.Patient with orthodontic treatment and braces , showed use toothbrushes with shorter bristles that scrub in between teeth and braces.

Toothbrushes, that have been used reqularly , wear out after 3 mounths and should be replaced in that time . If the bristles an a toothbrush are straight after one week of use , shows that toothbrushing is either not done regularly or too softly.When choosing a toothbrush handle , you should make sure , that it sib comfortably in your hand.


You can start to brush the water surface of the upper right back teeth.Place the head of the toothbrush in a 45 degree angle against your gumline.You can brush upto three teeth with the toothbrush in one go.

Half of the toothbrush bristles should touch the tooth and the other half should touch the gum.Gently move the brush in a circular motion upto 10 times brushing the outerside surfaces of your teeth.Then repeat this procedure once more.When you are done cleaning the water surfaces of all your teeth,follow the same directions while cleaning the inside of the back of the teeth.

Once you brushed all your teeth,brushed all your teeth,brush your dangue from the back to the frout.If the toothbrush is to big to brush the back of the frout upper and lover teeth , you can put the toothbrush vertical and brush them each at a time.Don’t forget tooth brushing has to last at least 2 minutes.

Change your toothbrush approximately every three months.If the bristles look warn out or not parallel.The toothbrush won’t e effective anymore and should be changed.


Why is Inderdental cleaning important ?

The areas , that you can not reach with the toothbrush or toothpaste , you should use dental floss, interdental cleaning , there is a high risk of covities developing in between the teeth and this leading to gum disease.

Interdental cleaning is especially important to avoid gum disease.


For first time dental floss user,waxed dental flasses may be preferable.Wrap each end of the dental flass around the middle two fingen of your hands, then direct the dental floss using each hand’s thumb and index finger.Then gently , wave the dental floss between your teeth.You must awoid sudden and hard movement to avoid injuring your gum.Make a C shape with the floss as you Wrap it around the tooth, then carefully pull the floss upward from the gumline to the top of the tooth.

As you move from one tooth to the next , unroll a fresh section of the other hand.

Taking the dental floss back to the contact paint , you can go onto the other tooth and repeat the process between each tooth.

This process of inderdental cleaning should be repeated between each tooth.


When dental floss alone is not sufficient and for people with receeding gums and plaque build up due to receeding gums , especially on neck regions on Dental Implants between cowns , bridges , also for people with orthodontic treatment , interdental cleaning around brache and wives and areas where it is not possible to get to with a conventional toothbrush.


A Dental water jet is an electric device , that uses a stream of pressurized water and air on the surface of the teeth.

The dental water jet removes plaque and food debris with pressurized water , between teeth and below the gum line ,in between crowns and bridges and around brackets and wires for orthodontic patients.

Dental water jet are not an altemative to tooth brushes , dental flosses or interdental brushes.However , it can be used as an additional cleaning method.

Mouthwash or mouth rinse:Mouth wash can support the mouth care.You should never use mouth wash instead of tooth brushing or interdental cleaning.The mouth wash or mouth rinse has only a supporting effect.


Balanced diet is important for general health and oral health.Otherwise your bone and muscle structure won’t develop properly.

Your body becomes more vulnurable to injections and oral health will also be effected by this.It is especially important for children, to have a balanced diet , with enough calcium,phosphor and flüoride in it.

Food with carbohydrate or sugar build easily a bacterial plaque on the dentine of the tooth and can lead to tooth decay.

Carbohydrate and sugar rich food , should not be consumed much , especially in between main meals.

Cheese varieties , should be preferred instead,in between meals.The acid and sugars of soft drinks soften tooth enamel , leading to the formation of cavities. Soft drinks shouldn’t be consumed much , and using mouth wash after having soft drinks is adviceable.


It is important to have dental check_up everys six mounths.To bring area hygiene to the highest level,and in order to keep it , you may need regular treatment and descaling of your teeth.

Why is it important to see a dentist before pregnancy?

In order to have a pregnancy that is free of problems and stress caused by dental health issues, it is important for a woman who’s planning to become a mother to pay a visit to a dentist beforehand.


What does a pre-pregnancy dental check-up include?

In order to check the health of your teeth and your gums, a radiographic evaluation has to be carried out in addition to your clinical examination. Newly developed cavities have to be treated.

The condition of previous treatments and implants must be evaluated and they must be renewed if necessary. You should also consult your dentist about what kind of dental hygiene to apply during your pregnancy.


Based on the difficulty level, and in cooperation with your healthcare practitioner, your treatment can be decided during all phases of your pregnancy. However, dental treatments and removal of dental plaques are, generally, carried out in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Can a dental X-Ray be taken during pregnancy?

In case of necessity, dental X-Rays can be taken during this period, provided that an appropriate shielding apron (lead apron) is used for protection.

What is a pregnancy tumor (Pregnancy granuloma)?

It is a growth on the gums that develops as a result of hormonal changes and irritation.

These can be removed if they cause discomfort, but usually, they disappear after the baby is born.

Is nutrition an important factor in protecting the teeth of an expectant mother?

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