Independent of the make of an electric toothbrush used, best result are achieved , when every area inside the mouth are brushed in the correct way.In general electric toothbrushes are recommended to young children , people with less manual dexterity , people in hospial treatment , who get their teeth brushed by others , people with orthodontic treatment and people who prefer electric toothbrushes to manual toothbrushes.Electric toothbrushes are not more advant_ageas than manual toothbrushes.

Studies Show that both can be equally effective.Patient with orthodontic treatment and braces , showed use toothbrushes with shorter bristles that scrub in between teeth and braces.

Toothbrushes, that have been used reqularly , wear out after 3 mounths and should be replaced in that time . If the bristles an a toothbrush are straight after one week of use , shows that toothbrushing is either not done regularly or too softly.When choosing a toothbrush handle , you should make sure , that it sib comfortably in your hand.

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