Balanced diet is important for general health and oral health.Otherwise your bone and muscle structure won’t develop properly.

Your body becomes more vulnurable to injections and oral health will also be effected by this.It is especially important for children, to have a balanced diet , with enough calcium,phosphor and flüoride in it.

Food with carbohydrate or sugar build easily a bacterial plaque on the dentine of the tooth and can lead to tooth decay.

Carbohydrate and sugar rich food , should not be consumed much , especially in between main meals.

Cheese varieties , should be preferred instead,in between meals.The acid and sugars of soft drinks soften tooth enamel , leading to the formation of cavities. Soft drinks shouldn’t be consumed much , and using mouth wash after having soft drinks is adviceable.


It is important to have dental check_up everys six mounths.To bring area hygiene to the highest level,and in order to keep it , you may need regular treatment and descaling of your teeth.

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