It will take time to get used to the new denture as with any changes. You need to be patient and let the adaptation period pass. Getting used to lower denture is more difficult than getting used to upper denture because of holding problems. You should eat soft food in small bites for the first days. We recommend you to use both sides when chewing something. You may naturally have some sores for the first weeks after you start wearing your denture. It is important that you attend the visits to your dentist. Make sure that you have worn your denture for minimum 24 hours before you visit your dentist. It is natural to have difficulty in speaking. Your speech will be improved after your tissues and tongue get used to denture in some time. Read your newspaper or book out to make easy adaptation period. You need to be careful with cleaning of your denture. Uncleaned dentures will cause problems to tissues. We recommend you to wear your denture when you sleep for the first couple of days, but thereafter you must take off and put in the water your denture every time you go to bed. Your denture may require lining every 3 or 5 years that helps adaptation of palates

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