A removable denture is quicker and cheaper than implants. It is easy to repair them. However, it is less comfortable then fixed denture and the patient’s jawbone is abraded over time. An implant also conserves the current jawbone.

Can a denture be worn if I have a few natural healthy teeth without removing them?

A removable denture can be made using a few natural healthy teeth left in the mouth. If the denture is attached onto the tooth in front of the toothless part with a hook, it is called denture with hook. If teeth that support the denture are visible, then aesthetical problems may occur.

To eliminate the aesthetical problem caused by dentures with hook, concealed holders that rest on the slots prepared in the teeth are also used to attach the denture onto the teeth. This type of denture is called precise attachment denture.

In addition, if the patient has a couple of teeth in the mouth, which are small and can be used, and if partial denture is not preferred for aesthetical purposes, the teeth are formed as they will remain underneath the complete denture. This is called tooth-supported complete denture or telescopic denture.

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