It is placed on the tooth surface after tooth surface is slightly drilled, therefore it is resistant to biting forces.

Can tooth crystal or tooth diamond be removed when I don’t want to wear it anymore?

The tooth crystal can be removed at any time, and your tooth will look as it did before after the tooth surface is polished.

Is tooth crystal harmful to my tooth?

It is not harmful to teeth because it is bonded onto tooth surface only.

Can I glue the tooth crystal by myself? Why should I go to a dentist?

There are tooth crystals available in the market that can be glued by the user, however the adhesive material does not have the same content as the adhesive material used by your dentist. In this case, the crystal may fall off or cause permanent discoloration of your tooth, resulting in damage to your tooth. If you glue it by yourself, the adhesive material coming out from the edges create a rough surface which makes deposition of plaque easy and causes discoloration. Therefore, we recommended you to see a dental professional for gluing the crystal.

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